ASC Machine Tools, Inc.

ASC Machine Tools offers roll-forming lines for the production of roll up door panels, guide tracks and bottom bars. In addition, ASC builds custom designed panel seaming stations and drum roll-up/winder stations for door widths between 3.5 ft. and 20 ft. Step up and experience a new level of performance, quality and flexibility — Made in the USA!.

ASC Machine Tools, Inc April 22 Product Profiles

Hershey’s Metal Meister

Wouldn’t you like to have the same kind of quality and service that you strive to deliver to your customers? Variobend USA is the answer to your quest for speed, accuracy, and service in a trim folder. With European design coupled with American manufacturing and service, Variobend USA folders are built with you in mind. If you need proof of our quality and service, we are happy to let you talk with Variobend USA owners.

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Acu-Form Panel Lines with new controllers are built for more accuracy and consistency with longevity and ease of operation. They produce precise parts in various profiles, including custom matches, thereby saving you time, which is money. All of the forming dies are made from D2 tool steel for a longer wear life. These machines can be powered by electric, hydraulic or mechanical means.

Samco Machinery

Samco Machinery’s high-efficiency roll-forming shake tile line produces tiles and shingles to the desired length. Parts are pre-stamped and embossed and then sheared to the desired length before being fed into the roll former to form the sides for the locking function. Key features include a fully programmable servo feeder for different lengths, a 600-ton hydraulic press to stamp the embossing and step features, and a powered launching conveyor to continuously move forward and align pre-cut parts with the roll former.

Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment

Quality used roll formers for sale with tooling to produce ADLOK Standing Seam, ribbed panel, standard AG panel and more. We are a full-service roll-form supplier. Our experienced team can provide reconditioning, new controls, drive systems, start-up, technical support and more. Our large in-stock selection of roll formers is available for online viewing or inspected in person in Perrysburg, Ohio.

Roll Former LLC

Since 1978, Roll Former seamers have a history of quality and durability. Our seamers produce perfect seams on all materials from 12 oz copper to 24-gauge Kynar-finished Galvanize/Galvalume at 30 fpm without damage to the material. They can seam NTM, Knudson, and ESE profiles! The Model SSX will form a complete double-lock standing seam with a single pass. Our exclusive nose switch cuts the unit off if it comes to the edge of the roof, eliminating expensive and time-consuming accidents.

Metal Rollforming Systems

Metal Rollforming Systems (MRS) is a trusted supplier of equipment to many of the leading carport manufacturers. MRS product lines include panel machine, Hat and C channel lines, as well as trim lines. Trim selection includes ridge caps, L metals, box eaves and more! MRS designs and manufactures all equipment in house and in the USA. MRS also offers accessory items from upenders, slitters, ridge caps and many more. MRS takes great pride in customer support, both before and after the sale.

SWI Machinery 

Minimize waste and maximize efficiency with our Marxman Plus Automatic Slitter. With eight pairs of auto-setting slitting blades, automatic part nesting, waste minimization software, and the capability to run up to 150 fpm, the Marxman Plus is outfitted with all the features to take your production to the next level. It’s also possible to connect an offline label printer to the Plus so that labels can be printed for manual application by the operator.

The Bradbury Group

The Hayes Dual-Level™ Rollformer produces two profiles within the same floor space as a single-level machine. The Dual-Level™ has two levels of dedicated tooling, top and bottom infeed guides, a double-acting stationary shear, twin independent drive units, a free standing control console with auto and manual functions, Beck Automation SII Control, auto drop run out table, and full tunnel guarding with safety interlocks.

By Rural Builder Staff