BECK America

The patented SCRAIL® ROOFLOC® System was developed to install metal roofing, siding, and interior liner panel quickly and efficiently. Eight times faster than traditional screws and two times faster than collated screws. This performance could only be achieved by the combination of the pneumatic FASCO® Roofing Installation Tool and the SCRAIL® ROOFLOC® fasteners. Decreases time installing screws. Eliminates the need to pre-drill eliminating metal shavings and pigtails. Creates a watertight seal. 

BECK America April 22 Product Profiles

Maze Nails

Founded in 1848, Maze Nails is celebrating 174 years in business this year! We pride ourselves on providing a superior product that withstands the test of time. Currently, Maze Nails is the largest specialty manufacturer in the country and continues to grow. Our top-quality fasteners are in stock and ready for immediate shipment; no worries about the global shortages affecting the fastener world because ours are domestically made. The Maze Family runs its operations in Peru, Illinois; we are proudly 100% Made in the USA.

Atlas Bolt & Screw

As a recognized industry leader, Atlas Bolt & Screw offers the widest selection of metal-to-metal and metal-to-wood fasteners. Our Long Life Ultimate Series has you covered for any wood or metal project. Both our Wood Ultimate and Metal Ultimates are backed by a lifetime warranty against red rust. The #12 Metal Ultimate features an EPDM tubular washer and a TCP self drilling point. The #10 Wood Ultimate features a multi-seal washer and a type 17 sharp point. Both are available in a variety of sizes.

Golden Rule Fasteners

Golden Rule Fasteners stocks a wide variety of fasteners for residential metal roofing, metal buildings, agricultural buildings, storage sheds, and carports. Whether you need fasteners for roofing, siding, or trim, mill finish or color matched to your painted panels, #9, #10, #12, #14, or 5/16” diameter, we probably have what you are looking for. Our extensive inventory allows us to ship most orders the same day they are received. Whether you are looking for a primary supplier or a good backup supplier for those hot orders, we are eager to assist you.

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Dynamic Fastener

Dynamic Fastener has added lengths to partner with the popular 12-16 x 1½” T-17 Hi-Lo fastener. Lengths now available: 2”, 3”, and 4”. All are available with T-17 point, Hi-Lo threads, and a 5/16” hex washer head. This screw is used to attach up to 18-ga. sheet metal to wood. The screws can also be used to plug a previous #9 or #10 pole barn screw or anytime a slightly larger fastener is desired. Available with or without a 9/16” outside diameter sealing washer. Comes standard with the Dyna-Coat® 1000-hour salt spray premium coating.

East Coast Fasteners

The Ply-Lo Extreme line of fasteners is designed for extreme environments. The Ply-Lo Driller is the latest innovative addition to the company’s fastener line, designed to save contractors time and money. The patented Ply-Lo Driller features a design intended to be more forgiving than other fasteners. This means the tip is designed to reduce the likelihood of “walking” when fasteners are driven at a slight angle. East Coast has fasteners available in colors to match virtually any panel in lengths of 1”, 1-1/2”, 2”, 2-1/2” and 3”.

Everlast Roofing

Designed for performance, Everlast Roofing, Inc. introduces The Answer RDP Woodscrew. Offering a long-life solution over standard fasteners, The Answer RDP Woodscrew performs at the same quality level as all Everlast products. Combining cross alloy mechanical plating with extra UV-resistant pigmentation, the Answer RDP Woodscrew is available to Everlast Roofing customers in 20 colors with a 40-year warranty at an affordable price.

Direct Metals Inc.

Metal roofing panel quality is such that a 40-year warranty against premature rust is now standard. To complete the system warranty, a long-life fastener should be paired with the panel. The #12 SCAMP 304SS cap metal-to -wood Type 17 point and metal-to-metal self-drill will protect the roof investment with its own 40 year warranty. It is very inexpensive insurance for any roofing project.

Triangle Fastener Corporation

PANEL-TITE® BURR-BUSTER is engineered to reduce burrs and provide more resistance to back-out! The BURR-BUSTER® point is specifically designed to extrude the metal as it penetrates, minimizing burrs. These fasteners have low-angle threads that help keep the screw from loosening. All fasteners can be painted with our Kalida-Kote paint finish to your exact color match.


The S-5-N clamp is a non-penetrating, standing seam metal roof clamp for snow retention and other heavy and load-critical applications. The clamp features an innovative insert that ensures a superior fit for new and wider nail strip profiles as well as older ones. It is designed for use on the most popular 1” nail strips, including Taylor Metals’ Easy Lock™, ASC Building Products’ Skyline Roofing®, McElroy Metals’ Meridian, New Tech Machinery’s FF100 and roofing types with similar profiles.

ST Fastening Systems

Woodbinder® fastening systems advance the thermal qualities, moisture control, and structural integrity of the building envelope. ST’s Dual Solution Engineering is designed to match your roofing systems with both Kwikseal® MB professional and ZXL™ long-life solutions. The long-life ZXL is the only molded ZAMAC head with an encapsulated EPDM sealing system featuring a multi-layer barrier coating. The DurasealPlus® clear and the Powderful™ powder coating delivers three times the UV/Rust protection of wet paint. The Woodbinder® #12 T-17, the OSB Screw added to the system to address the need for greater strip out strength in OSB board, is available in both professional and long-life ZXL version. 

AceClamp® by PMC Industries, Inc.

Designed for areas of the country with moderately heavy snow loads, Color Snap® is our color matching rail-type snow guard system that not only performs in harsh weather conditions, but is aesthetically pleasing. Simply slide roofing material into the rail and ice flags and your snow retention blends right into the roof. All clamps come fully-assembled. Simply snap in your rail and secure. Finish off with our toolless, snap-in ice clips.