You can alter the mood of a building just through the selection of the roofing material. Asphalt is certainly an option, but metal can offer the same style and look with better longevity. The Metal Roofing Alliance outlines four of the most common styles of metal roofing: shingle/slate, tile, shake, and vertical panels.

Metal Shingle/Slate

Metal shingles create the distinctive look of smooth, uniform slate tiles. For those who appreciate a classic appearance, these shingles provide outstanding performance and value.

Metal Tile

Standard tile roofs can be heavy yet fragile and are often costly to maintain. Metal tile, however, has the graceful curves of classic tile, but the lightness and strength of stone-coated steel. 

Metal Shake 

Metal shake is the investment-grade alternative to traditional wooden shake. You’ll love the authentic look of wood, while gaining a variety of color choices with longer-lasting, more durable metal.

Vertical Panels

Featuring clean lines and a traditional style, vertical panels offer a modern twist to the traditional look of metal roofing. Sleek, practical, and economical, pre-painted vertical panels are available in a wide range of color options.