Introducing Aqua Defender, a condensation solution for agricultural metal roofing and siding. Aqua Defender is a self-laminating felt applied during manufacturing to the underside of each metal panel.

Pole barns are increasingly popular as outbuildings, hobby farms, storage units and garages. While they offer versatility and cost savings, their single-skin metal roofing accumulates condensation as temperatures change. 

Aqua Defender creates a lasting barrier between metal roofing and condensation. It not only absorbs moisture and prevents rust, but it also keeps your buildings dry and your livestock, equipment and property free from damage. 

Aqua Defender is a synthetic fleece with pressure-sensitive adhesive and easy-release vinyl backer. It absorbs water quickly and prevents moisture from collecting on the underside of the roof. 

Aqua Defender was developed specifically for smooth application. RoofAquaGuard offers a purpose-built applicator with an adjustable feed system to maintain tension, a removable loading shaft and casters for easy relocation and positioning. Aqua Defender is also compatible with leading third-party applicators. It is available in rolls measuring 39.25” by 1968’6”, each weighing 256 lbs. and covering 6,439 square feet.

By Rural Builder Staff