SPAX® Receives DrJ Engineering Technical Evaluation Report 2010-02 for Construction Screws

by Nikki

Altenloh, Brinck & Co. US, Inc (ABC US) received a new technical evaluation report (DrJ Engineering’s TER 2010-02, for SPAX® Construction Screw Properties. 

For this DrJ Engineering technical report, SPAX® Construction Screws were tested and evaluated to determine their structural resistance properties, which are used to develop reference design values for allowable stress design. The following properties were evaluated: bending yield, tensile strength, shear strength head pull-through, withdrawal strength, lateral resistance and corrosion resistance.

SPAX® Construction Screw types covered in this TER include:

Carbon Steel Fastener Types

• #6, #8, #10, #14 Unidrive Flat Head – zinc and yellow zinc coating

• #8, #9, #10, #14 T-STAR plus Flat Head – zinc and yellow zinc coating

• #8 Cross Recess Wafer Head – zinc coating

• #8, #10 T-STAR plus Wafer Head – yellow zinc coating

• #6, #8, #10 Unidrive Pan Head – zinc coating

• #6, #8 T-STAR plus MDF & Hardwood Trim head – zinc coating

Stainless Steel Fastener Types

• #9, #10 T-STAR plus Flat Head – stainless steel

• #8, #10 T-STAR plus POWERDECK Trim Head – stainless steel.

By Rural Builder Staff

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