To provide homeowners and building professionals with a freestanding outdoor structure that delivers limitless design possibilities, Fortress Building Products debuts its newest product category, pergolas. Fortress® pergolas combine steel’s unmatched weatherability and low maintenance qualities with its modern aesthetic to bring lasting style to the backyard equation. Highly versatile, Fortress pergolas can be configured in infinite ways to meet a customer’s creative vision and can be employed across any type of outdoor surface to define usable space. An answer to continued demand for personalized outdoor living spaces, Fortress’ latest offering is available across its North American dealer network. 

Drawing from the premium performance capabilities of Evolution steel deck framing, Fortress pergolas sidestep issues associated with moisture absorption, one of the most common reasons for decomposition in standard wood pergolas. The sleek structural steel is dual layer protected against fire, corrosion, twisting, insects and rot. Resistant to moisture and the effects of weathering, customers can define their space with a freestanding pergola that’s built to last. 

Pergolas add function to an otherwise variegated landscape,” said Katherine Haverkamp, Senior Product Manager, Fortress Building Products. “But practicality aside, they also give customers the freedom to build a custom space that complements their personal style. To create a private, shaded retreat, Fortress pergolas can be finished with composite boards. Left in their bare form, they can bring forth clean lines that play to today’s in-demand ultramodern, industrial look.”  

Pergolas add function to an otherwise variegated landscape. Katherine Haverkamp, Fortress Building Products

Like their steel deck framing counterpart, Fortress pergolas support a simple installation process similar to lumber and enhanced performance in system integrity and safety. Customers that have worked with wood or framed a wall with steel studs and track will feel at home constructing a steel pergola system – no specialized tools required. To their advantage, Fortress pergolas offer dealers and distributors that currently stock Evolution steel deck framing a low barrier to entry, as the two steel building products share the same SKU. The assembly is backed by a 25-year limited manufacturer warranty.