by Randy Chaffee

In the competitive and ever-evolving landscape of the garage, shed, and carport builder industry, success hinges on more than just the quality of products. It’s equally about the skill and effectiveness of the sales team. To prosper in this market, it’s imperative that companies invest in comprehensive sales training programs. From in-house coaching to webinars, seminars, and podcasts, here’s why sales training is invaluable to driving growth and sustaining success in this sector..

Understanding the Industry Dynamics

Before diving into the significance of sales training, it’s crucial to grasp the unique dynamics of the garage, shed, and carport industry. This sector caters to diverse consumer needs, ranging from residential storage solutions to man caves, she sheds, lakeside cabins, and commercial storage solution projects. Consequently, sales professionals must possess a deep understanding of product specifications, customization options, and installation processes to effectively meet customer expectations.

Elevating Customer Experience

Sales training plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall customer experience. Through in-depth product knowledge and refined communication skills, sales representatives can guide clients through the decision-making process with confidence and clarity. A key element is the ability to become the trusted advisor who is not simply selling a structure but assisting in facilitating a solution. This approach by well-trained sales professionals contributes to a positive buying journey, fostering trust and loyalty among customers.  Let’s remember, people love to buy but do not like to be sold. Equally, they wish to feel important and heard. If we learn to make use of good open-ended questions, listen, and engage in an intentional back and forth, we will learn what the potential customers real needs are. We are assisting the customer with making the right decision and not selling them a structure. 

Leveraging In-House Sales Coaches

Having seasoned, successful veterans in-house can serve as invaluable resources for nurturing talent and refining selling techniques within the organization. These veterans can serve as mentors of the industry, offer personalized guidance and feedback to sales teams, helping them overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities. By leveraging the expertise of in-house coaches, companies can cultivate a culture of continuous learning and improvement, ultimately driving sales performance and revenue growth.

Harnessing the Power of Webinars

Webinars provide a convenient platform for delivering targeted sales training content to a distributed workforce. From product demonstrations to sales strategies, these online sessions offer flexibility and accessibility, enabling sales professionals to enhance their skills from anywhere, at any time. Moreover, webinars facilitate interactive learning experiences, allowing participants to engage with subject matter experts and peers, exchange insights, and glean best practices for success in the industry.

Engaging Through Seminars

Seminars offer extensive learning opportunities for sales teams to probe deeper into key industry trends, market dynamics, and sales methodologies. By bringing together industry experts, thought leaders, and sales professionals under one roof, seminars foster knowledge sharing and collaboration which help inspire participants to adopt innovative approaches and refine their selling strategies. Additionally, networking opportunities enable sales representatives to forge valuable connections and gain fresh perspectives on industry challenges and opportunities.

Empowering Through Podcasts

Podcasts delivered by Shed University, Shed Marketer, and Shed Geek Podcast offer a versatile platform for delivering engaging and informative sales training to sales professionals on the go. Whether it’s interviews with industry leaders, case studies, or practical sales tips, podcasts offer a wealth of valuable insights that sales teams can incorporate into their daily practices. By subscribing to relevant podcasts, sales professionals can stay abreast of industry trends, sharpen their skills, and draw inspiration from real-world success stories, driving continuous improvement and performance excellence.

Step Out of the Box…Actually See No Boxes

Networking is essential both within and outside the industry. While developing a strong network within our industry is imperative, it’s equally useful to look outside our area of comfort. Let’s watch, listen to, and personally meet successful individuals from as many aspects of life as possible. There is much to learn from and share with fellow industry professionals, but we all tend to participate in groupthink. This is where we all come from the same viewpoint, so we have a tendency to not explore other views. Some groupthink is understandable and good, but once we step out of our comfort zone, we begin to grow. Let’s take advantage of differing opinions, strategies, and techniques that have been proven winners, even if they are not narrowed down to just our industry. What works in another field may be just the answer for us.


In the ever-evolving landscape of the shed, garage, and carport industry, sales training emerges as a strategic imperative for driving business success and sustaining a competitive advantage. From in-house coaching to webinars, seminars, and podcasts, each training methodology offers unique benefits for empowering sales teams with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in their roles. By investing in comprehensive sales training programs, companies can elevate the customer experience, maximize sales performance, and unlock growth opportunities in our exciting industry. In essence, sales training isn’t just a cost; it’s an invaluable investment. GSCB

Randy Chaffee brings four-plus decades of experience to the post-frame and metal roofing industries. A board member for the Buckeye Frame Builders Association and the National Frame Builders Association, his podcast is available at No web access? Call (814) 906-0001 at 1 p.m. Eastern on Mondays to listen.