Henry Ford said “nothing happens until someone sells something.” I freely admit Mr. Ford is much smarter than I will ever be, but I am going to disagree. I am 100% a marketing, sales, and business guy, but he missed the first and most daunting step. Selling has three parts.

  • Qualifying, where the salesperson determines the customers’ wants and needs.
  • A feature-benefit presentation, where the salesperson shows how a product meet those needs.
  • Closing and handling objections, where the salesperson assists the customer in making a good buying decision.

The most risk-intensive, challenging, and rewarding part happens before any of that occurs. I like quotes because I can look smart based on other people’s ideas. Zig Ziglar said “you can get what you want if you help enough other people get what they want.” That is the essence of selling: having a solution, and helping people solve their problem.

The huge question is who sees those problems and can offer a solution. If you are hungry, the butcher selling a steak solves your problem. If you need to fasten two pieces of lumber the nail salesperson solves your problem. It takes a unique perspective and a lot of courage to be the person who recognizes a problem, has an idea on how to solve it, and brings that solution to market.

Today that person is Matt Black and the solution is Shed U.

It is impossible for any businessperson to be a subject matter expert in every part of their business, but in a highly competitive field that is a requirement for success. Since you cannot know everything, the answer is knowing where and how to find experts in the specific knowledge you need.

Outdoor Options Shed

Most builders, contractors, and shed people are most comfortable with a hammer in hand and surrounded by sawdust. That is integral for putting out a quality product.

The challenge is finding people where the shed is a solution to their problem and communicating what about your shed, makes it the right shed, for them.

You can build the best shed on the planet and if no one knows about it, or you can’t teach them why it is the best shed, you have failed.

Matt has assembled a sales and marketing team, specific to the shed industry, to teach you how to find people who are looking for your solution and help you teach them why your solution is the best solution. Shed U provides two days of intensive learning and the opportunity for continued support by legitimate industry experts.

Shed U happens in conjunction with the 2024 Garage Shed & Carport Builder Show, January 23-25, 2024, in Knoxville, Tennessee. All registrants for Shed U receive complimentary admission to the Garage Shed & Carport Builder Show, including more educational opportunities and the chance to meet the premier vendors in the shed and residential construction industry.

Let’s make something happen. GSCB