Cambek™ Designer Doors®, a creator of artisanal garage doors, entries, shutters, and gates, is expanding the range of products available in the Southeast.

Based in River Falls, Wisconsin, the company decided to make a wider range of products available to buyers who can now browse the many finishes, materials, and designs offered such as wicket doors (door within a door), finished interiors, hidden struts, and historical re-creations. Additionally, all products can be made with hurricane-rated strength, enhancing the overall fortitude and safety.

“All Cambek products are fashioned from the finest materials by craftsmen and engineers to deliver products that last a lifetime,” said Cambek General Manager Tom Roddis. “Many garage doors, however, become unstable after a certain age, resulting in hazardous situations in which rusted materials, like springs, can fail.”

In comparison, Cambek hand-crafted doors and parts remain intact for decades. “Our solid-wood doors can stand the test of time—even against steel,” said Roddis. “There’s a common misconception that wood isn’t as durable as metal, but wood can be tempered to be hurricane-rated, withstanding extreme temperatures and force.”

The company is expanding as part of its mission to bring bespoke design to more homeowners at all price points.