Cape Cod-style homes are truly an American invention, valued since their 17th century origins for their manageable size, energy efficiency, and flexible layout. Born out of the seaside communities around Cape Cod Bay, these quaint homes are common throughout the suburbs of New England. One Boston-area Cape Cod home was badly in need of a facelift and recently got one thanks to Residential Exteriors, Inc. (REI Roofing) in Holbrook, Massachusetts.

Cape Cods are known for their signature split cedar shake siding, which is rustic and durable, but requires constant maintenance. After some years of neglect, this cottage-style home started to lose its charm. The wooden siding had begun to rot and the asphalt roof had started to break down, making it susceptible to leaks.

Maintaining Charm without the Maintenance

It was more than apparent that this suburban-Boston home and its adjacent garage were in need of some love. As New England homes are often in the path of powerful Nor’easter storms, it’s important for siding and roofing to maintain its integrity. REI Roofing, a CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster™ roofing contractor, provided the homeowners with options that would help them maintain a New England look, but with long-term, maintenance-free beauty and durability.

Modern Innovation with Traditional Looks

To meet the homeowners’ needs, REI Roofing chose Cedar Impressions® Triple 5” Saw Mill Shingles in Sterling Gray for the exterior walls of the home and garage, and Landmark® Premium Shingles in Cobblestone Gray to replace the roofs.

Made of polymer, the siding requires no paint and no maintenance other than an occasional scrubbing with soap and water. Its molded surface replicates the sawmill texture of traditional cedar shake siding, without the vulnerability to insects, algae, and mold that comes with organic materials. The multi-layer construction of the Landmark Premium shingles provided the beauty and depth of wood shake roofing, complementing the siding to create a cohesive, well-designed look.

Award-Winning Design

The modern gray roof paired nicely with silver-gray siding, winning over the homeowners with a combination of old and new styles. This stunning project also earned REI Roofing a CertainTeed Remodeler of the Quarter award. GCSB