Specs: Garage
Size: 28’ x 41’ x 9’
Roof Style: VerticalFrame: 14-ga. steel 
Certified: 140-30 Certified
Garage Door: (2) custom doors by owner, 9’ x 8’
Walk door: Blevins, Inc., 36” x 80”
Windows: Blevins, Inc., 24” x 36”

Carport Central Garage Showcase April 22

This featured install is more than just an ordinary metal garage. It really turned out to be a gorgeous custom building. We put in a 36” x 80” walk-in door, two 24” x 36” windows, and two 9’ x 8’ framed openings, and then the customer added their own custom garage doors, gutters and other finishing features to this all-vertical garage.

The advantage to the vertical panel approach is that there are fewer opportunities for moisture to infiltrate, and both precipitation and debris are more easily directed off of and away from the building.

By Rural Builder Staff