Building Specs

Measurements: 12’x20′

Roof Pitch: 5/12

Fasteners: Big Timber BTX Deck Screws 9×3″

Insulation: Insulfoam R-Texh 1.5″ Rigid Foam with reflective foil

Roofing Panels: AmeriLux 8mm polycarbonate twinwall clear

Special Interior Features: Solar Mirror, Insulfoam Inc, 1.5″, 48″x96″ R-Tech insulation with reflective foil

Exhaust Fan: Alpine Greenhouses, stainless steel cold weather exhaust fan

Ventilation: J. Orbesen Telnik, Gigavent automated vent openers

Wall Panels/Siding: Simpson Strong Tie 11’4″ TWBs

Polycarbonate Panels: AmeriLux

This greenhouses was made from a kit, with several sizes available. They feature AmeriLux polycarbonate. Greenhouses are designed to grow maximum amount of food in adverse weather conditions, so this building’s specs are up to the task, including 100+ mph wind loads, 60 lbs/square foot snow loads, and a warranty against hail. The north wall has shelves plus the ground floor doubles the food production in same footprint as conventional greenhouses.