By Dave Krzyzak

Many homeowners may not realize that insulated garage doors are on the market, so it is important to discuss the options. They can go the DIY route with insulation kits, contact a professional or replace the entire door. When opting for a brand-new door, a homeowner can add insulation and style to their home.

Insulated garage doors are a huge benefit for homeowners looking to lower their electric bill. These doors help decrease energy usage and provide many other benefits. Since the garage door is the largest opening to a home, it needs proper insulation.

 Older and poorly insulated garage doors lead to many problems. For example, water can build up after a large storm or days with high humidity. Standing water in the garage has a difficult time evaporating and causes issues with mold. A buildup of water can lead to condensation forming on vehicles and electrical devices, causing deterioration. Properly insulated doors help prevent these problems.

It is important that you tell your clients about the benefits of insulated garage doors, including the problems they solve and how. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits so you may discuss them with homeowners.

Energy Efficiency

If a homeowner’s garage door isn’t insulated, it can cause a significant increase to their electric bill. An insulated door helps seal the garage from the outside temperatures that seep into the space. Installing an insulated door will create immediate savings, due to this door’s efficiency in keeping out hot and cold air. Speak to your customers about how these garage doors make the most sense for their home, especially if they have an attached garage. Attached garages pose the most significant energy drain because the home will most likely share at least one wall with the garage.

Hot or cold temperatures entering the garage through an uninsulated door will seep into the home. The walls and doors connecting the garage and home allow easier temperature transfer into the home. Heating and cooling systems must work harder to adjust and correct these temperatures, causing higher energy usage and resulting in higher energy bills. Speaking to your customers about how they can save money and get a return on their investment will help them make the best decision for their home.

Reduce Noise

Another area to point out is how insulated garage doors will help reduce noise from entering the home. The thick insulation helps with noise reduction, especially if they live in a crowded neighborhood or near a busy street. 

Sounds emanate from a garage space easily. People who work in their garage don’t want to disturb their neighbors. Insulated doors trap most of the noise from power tools, which makes for happy neighbors.

Increase Door Strength

Insulated doors are more durable than regular aluminum doors. This increases the price because they are often made from steel, which costs more. Speak with your customers about the return on their investment (ROI) if they spend more on the insulated option. Since they are more durable, they may require less maintenance and repairs. The materials in these doors also help prevent warping and dents that cost a lot to fix. Insulated steel doors will always outlast an uninsulated aluminum one.

Insulated Garage Door
Insulated garage door. Photo courtesy of Palm Valley Garage Doors.

Protect the Home & Garage

When protecting vehicles, the home, and other belongings, an insulated door is a great investment. Extreme heat, cold, and humidity can damage items inside, which leads to repair bills and possible permanent damage. Educate customers how the insulated option will better protect their home than an uninsulated door. Insulated doors, coupled with proper, controlled temperature management keep the home at a consistent temperature throughout the year. Keeping a cvehicle in a controlled environment helps prevent wear and tear due to temperature fluctuations. 

These doors also help keep water out of the garage. If water that seeps in cannot escape, it can create damage-causing humidity and condensation. High humid and condensation levels can cause tools to rust, can damage a car’s electrical system, and will encourage mold development in the walls and items stored in the garage. Insulated doors prevent these issues by forming a tight seal with the floor. Since protection is top priority, it’s important to discuss these benefits in detail. 

Increase Curb Appeal

The garage door is one of the most visible aspects of a house. Modern insulated garage doors come in a variety of styles and materials; a high-quality door that enhances the style and look of a home elevates the curb appeal. A good-looking garage door will also boost the home’s value, providing the homeowner with a nice return on their investment.

Most homeowners don’t know all the benefits of an insulated garage door and its advantages over an uninsulated one. Provide beneficial information on this topic and how these doors increase the value and give customers an ROI on their home. Offering customers the highest-quality, money-saving products leads them to make the best decisions and helps you build trust. GSCB 

Dave Krzyzak is the owner and operator of Palm Valley Garage Doors serving the Phoenix area.