With the rise of alternative use sheds, detail and design take center stage as homeowners opt for outdoor structures that complement their homes and add both beauty and function. Sheds aren’t just about storage anymore—and that means shed builders must think about how to set their work apart.

Using trim in unique ways can boost the design features of a shed. It may seem like a smaller detail, but trim can be the finishing touch that gets noticed first. Let’s check out tips and tricks for shed trim and how you can choose products that make this design accent stand out. 

The Basics: Installation

As beautiful as the trim you select may be, if it’s not installed correctly it won’t serve the final product well—or last for years to come. Don’t forget these crucial installation steps when you’re adding trim to your shed:

1. Seal all exposed cuts and edges.

2. Leave a minimum 6-inch clearance between trim and finished grade. This is especially crucial for sheds built on or near grass and other landscaping materials.

3. Trim can be installed over other materials, such as siding, or fastened directly to structural members up to 24 inches on center.

4. Do not install trim in direct contact with masonry, concrete, brick, stone, stucco or mortar.

Jump on a Trend: The Board & Batten Style 

Board and batten style siding is a major trend when it comes to homes, and many builders are seeing their customers want to re-create it on their sheds. Trim can be used as battens for this look, making it easy to use panel siding alongside a variety of trim widths for a completely customizable exterior.

Be sure to follow the installation instructions specific to the board and batten style for trim. 

Beyond board and batten, trim can also be used to create custom designs over siding to create a barn-style appearance or simply to outline key features of the shed, such as the doors and windows.

Bring Color to the Mix

With the LP® SmartSide® ExpertFinish® Trim collection, you can bring your shed designs to life and give your customers even more options to fit their styles. Trim is available in a variety of prefinished colors, including neutrals such as Snowscape White and Desert Stone, earth tones like Marshland Moss and Terra Brown, and even bold statement colors (Abyss Black, Rapids Blue and Redwood Red). 

One popular look is the modern farmhouse style, which can be achieved by combining Snowscape White siding with Abyss Black trim. Another option for clients interested in earth tones can be pairing Snowscape White trim with Marshland Moss siding. 

No matter the look your customers want, you can use LP SmartSide ExpertFinish trim to meet most needs and bring design flair to the project. It’s also useful for matching a shed to an existing home for continuity and a cohesive look. LP SmartSide trim is also available primed, ready to be painted any color you choose.

Build for Longer-Lasting Durability

Manufactured with the LP® SmartGuard® Process for advanced durability, LP® SmartSide® Trim is a product you can rely on both to look great and stand up to the elements. It’s available in two finishes—cedar texture and smooth finish—and in a variety of widths. LP SmartSide trim can also be installed with standard woodworking tools, helping to make your builds more efficient. 

Combined with color options, the possibilities for design are endless—and you won’t have to sacrifice durability to give your clients the look they want. 

Take Your Shed Designs to the Next Level

With options in finish, color, width and more, trim allows you to design with your customers’ preferences in mind. LP SmartSide trim, in particular, combines beauty and durability, helping you ensure your work lasts while looking great. 

By LP SmartSide