The secret to success is learning. Not only is it solving problems, but it is also adjusting to the current business climate. Research, analyzing market trends, and continuing education can all result in continuous improvement. We offer all attendees a chance to get an education at the Garage, Shed, and Carport Builder Show January 18-19 in Greenville, South Carolina. The goal is to have attendees apply the skills and knowledge learned at the show to their businesses, thus empowering them to achieve greater success.

Attending the show is an incredible value. Whether it’s because of the price point or the intended outcome, the knowledge is out there — it’s up to attendees to capitalize on the opportunities. 

Every builder and supplier faces challenges in the industry. Courses offer solutions to problems that companies have faced in the past. Educators are taking the time to present proven solutions. 

Every class has something unique to offer. If you attend the show and skip the educational sessions, it’s a missed opportunity to grow your knowledge base. You may learn solutions to problems you may face in the future. Additionally, every session will have a question and answer period. By stating their concerns, attendees can address issues that occur regularly. 

The answers to the questions brought up during and after a presentation are just as important as the presentation itself. Show attendees drop in on classes for two reasons. First, to learn more about a specific topic or to solve a problem. Questions that are unanswered during the presentation should be followed up on after the session. It is another benefit that comes from attending the classes. A participant can strike up a one-on-one conversation with the presenter. For example, focusing on roof seams, the conversation can begin with, “Which clamp features pair well with a T-panel seam?” The presenter might suggest a clamp by Ace Clamp that is pre-assembled and easily torques. Additional features to be addressed may be set screws that could scratch the coating. Addressing specific situations, such as the one just noted, is a prime example of attending the educational sessions. Future mistakes can be avoided, which saves both time and money.

Classes can also arm you with the knowledge to sell more products/units and conquer on-site challenges. The Garage, Shed, and Carport Builder Show has several presentations to help you maximize your closing ratio. One topic is the importance of upselling. The seller benefits from increased sales, and the customers benefit from the added value. Consider this example: A customer is buying a carport. It’s natural that the salesmen suggests adding condensation control such as Dr!pStop. The added investment in condensation control preserves the customer’s automotive investment. Upselling features that customers don’t realize they need boosts sales and personal value for the company—a clear win for both parties

The lumber basics course is aimed directly at those builders who are keen on preventing post-frame rot; several solutions may lie within the presentation. A product that may be a solution to the common problem of rot is Planet Saver Industries’ Green Post. The Green Post has an impermeable barrier applied to the post; it’s comprised of a bitumen coating and impermeable membrane. The barrier actively repels moisture — the biggest henchman to rot. Solutions presented in lumber basics help businesses increase profit margins, allow listeners to pay attention to job site details, and provide customers with money saving products. 

Attendees may leave with a bagful of SWAG and a handful of business cards. However, the acquired knowledge is priceless. Attendees are often charged extra to attend educational sections. However, that is not the case at the Garage, Shed, and Carport Builder Show. The price of admission to the expo floor includes admittance to all educational sessions.

Furthermore, educational sessions apply directly to an individual’s work. For example, classes focused on snow retention empower salesmen to offer an appropriate system based on their customers’ needs. For example, the location of the building, the slope of the roof, and desired aesthetics are all taken into consideration when determining an appropriate snow retention system. If a snow bar system is used on the roof, the bars will not only prevent dangerous snow slides, but will also allow it to melt away slowly, allowing the water to drain between the bars. In this instance, the customer house now has the best product for it. Thanks to the educational session. 

You will come away from the show with greater knowledge about specific products and how these products prevent or solve your customers’ problems. Understanding the headaches that reflective insulation such as rFOIL can prevent can save your customers thousands of dollars by protecting their carport-stored autos from damage caused by reflected heat. That is why understanding how a product works is critical. 

Finally, walking away from the classroom, every person should be able to improve their company’s economic status. Every class is designed to either increase sales or reduce expenses. Adopting systems such as Smart Build could increase company sales by having on-hand estimates ready for customers. The other option is to calculate by hand and check warehouse stocks, which increases lead time and unnecessarily limits the number of customers can you help at one time. 

Lessons such as these are critical for any company’s success and yours. These are just a few of the topics that will be covered at the January 18-19 Garage, Shed & Carport Builder Show at the Greenville Convention Center in Greenville, South Carolina. A lesson missed is an opportunity missed; take time to browse the class schedule and see what benefits it offers you.

Visit for show updates as they develop. GSCB