Project of the Month from Garage, Shed & Carport Builder, June/July 2021.

Courtesy of Reed’s Metals.

Garage details:

Location: Cross City, Florida

Southeast Custom Buildings, Live Oak, Florida

Size: 30’ x 60’ x 14’ 

Frame: Reed’s LX Tubing, 14-ga. galvanized rectangular 2” x 3” tubing manufactured by Allied Tube and Conduit, Harvey, Illinois. 4’ OC

Roof Pitch: 4:12

Roof: Reed’s Metals 26ga. AkzoNobel Painted (Arctic White) Residential Metal Roofing Panel, vertical (45-year warranty)

Siding: Reed’s Metals 26ga. AkzoNobel Painted (Light Stone) Residential Metal Siding Panel, vertical (45-year warranty)

Trim: AkzoNobel Painted (Arctic White) 

Door: Plastpro

Metal garage photos courtesy of Reed’s Metals

Additional Details: 10” overhang all around with boxed soffit; (4) 9’ x 10’ framed openings in “C” eave walls; (1) 10’ x 12’ framed opening in “C” eave wall; wedge anchors