Building Specs

Manufacturer: Wick Buildings

Builder: Willie Kimmons, Merrill, Wisconsin

Measurements: 40’x64’x20′

Roof Pitch: 6/12, 2′ overhangs

Doors: Plyco Exterior Walk Doors with 22″x36″ windows

Insulation: Dripstop® applied to roof steel, fiberglass batt Insulation 

Ventilation: MWI RV-100 Ridge Vent and vented eaves

Trusses: Wick Raised Lower Chord Trusses and Wick Bonus Storage Trusses

Wall Panels: Wick Steel
Exterior: Hunter Green (roof & wainscot) and Alpine White walls
Interior: White Liner, Red Trim and Charcoal Gray wainscot

House Wrap: Kimberly-Clark Block-It

This amazing hobby and work shop in North Central Wisconsin has an interior second story with attic storage. Down on the first level, the owner can pull trailers through. The vehicle shop has a lift on the ground level, while the second level has both a woodworking shop and an archery range.