From the Editor:

My experience putting this issue together was kind of bittersweet. This should have been the post-show issue for the first Garage, Shed & Carport Builder Show. The show was originally scheduled for Feb. 4-5. As you are probably aware, we were forced to postpone the show; it is now being held Nov. 4-5 at (the same place as originally planned) The Century Center in South Bend, Indiana.

The post-show coverage would have included new products exhibited at the show, news, and a Shed Showcase filled with projects sourced from contacts made at the show. Since we couldn’t have that, we rustled up some sheds and garages (large and small) sourced from builders from around the U.S. (Check out the unique ‘resting cabin’ in Norway!) If you would like to see one of your builds featured in Garage, Shed & Carport Builder, all you have to do is send me the building details. Information we look for (in addition to a clear, high resolution photo or two, includes shed size, roof pitch, and materials used). [Download a project data form here:] Submission is not a guarantee of publication, but there’s never any cost associated with submitting a project or having it published. It’s absolutely free. No catches, no exceptions — it’s free. 

In addition to the projects, we have an even more robust section filled with products you will find useful. You’ll find “tons” of products profiled in this issue. From cupolas to fasteners to windows — you’ll find products to help you build the sheds your customers dream of. 

This is the sixth time this magazine has been published. Our subscriber list is growing each subsequent issue. While it’s probably more information than you need (or would like) to know, we deliver our newly launched magazines by polybagging them with our established titles until we have a large enough subscriber base to warrant stand-alone delivery. The reason I mention it: We expect to transition to stand-alone delivery by the end of the year. If you haven’t yet sent in your subscription card, once that transition happens (which could be as early as late summer), you’ll no longer receive Garage, Shed & Carport Builder

To make sure you continue receiving this magazine, fill out the blow-in card and return it to us. You don’t even need a stamp … the postage is on us. 

Until next time — be well.

In this issue:

New Products for Shed Builders

Building Big with Fabric & Steel

Decorative Shed Accessory Selection & Installation

Increase Your Bottom Line By Up$elling Accessories

What should have been…

Frustration To Diversification: Shed Builder Expands

News: Cambek Garage Doors

Shed Showcase

Shed Finishing: Speed Up Drying Time

Building Progress Award