2020 Spring Edition

Garage, Shed & Carport Builder Magazine

by Karen Knapstein

Starting At The Top With Roofing Options

Ornate Ornaments

Choose Wisely – Cupola Selection

Function First – Garage Doors

Sheds Fit For Living

Shed Framing Options

Dress It Up

Find More Time

Karen Knapstein
Author: Karen Knapstein

Karen Knapstein has been in publishing since 1997. She is the executive editor at Shield Wall Media and acts as the managing editor of Frame Building News and Garage, Shed and Carport Builder magazines. Karen is a contributing editor to the other Shield Wall Media titles: Rural Builder, Metal Roofing Magazine, Roofing Elements, and Rollforming Magazine. Karen lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Joseph, and has a grown daughter, Faye. She can be reached via email at [email protected]

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