LP Building Solutions (LP), a leading manufacturer of high performance building products, has announced the launch of LP WeatherLogic® Seam & Flashing Sealant, which is available for purchase across the U.S. It is a solution designed effective sheathing adhesion with premium moisture management technology.

The sealant is a liquid‐applied flashing material certified to AAMA 714‐19 and is the only liquid‐applied sealant approved to seal the panel joints (seams) between LP WeatherLogic panels as part of the LP WeatherLogic system. The sealant can also be used to flash window and door openings, material transitions, and penetrations of any shape. 

The sealant has a 10-15-minute tooling time, 110-minute surface tack time and, depending on conditions, will fully cure in 24 hours. Other benefits include being VOC compliant and having joint movement of ±50% for added flexibility.