AkzoNobel has renewed its portfolio of products and services to bring more to its customers. Its new campaign, Discover More Behind One Door, highlights how those who partner with AkzoNobel get “more” — more product customization, more support, more performance. Discover More Behind One Door also highlights the refinement of the POLYDURE® coating system for versatility in field quality and performance as well as the company’s commitment to providing excellent customer service.

AkzoNobel’s steel door coatings give flexibility and diversity to a range of applications including rolling steel doors, commercial and residential entry doors, residential garage doors and commercial track doors. Each steel door project is unique, so coatings options are tailored for the rigors of every steel door application. The new portfolio includes: 

• POLYDURE® N D2000: hybrid coating – optimized for scratch and abrasion resistance with built-in flexibility. 
• POLYDURE® N D2020: maximum flexible coating – flexible coating improves production throughput. 
• POLYDURE® N D2030: tough and rigid coating – maximum scratch, abrasion and wear resistance that stays looking newer for longer. 

Each POLYDURE option comes in a broad range of color, gloss, print and texture options in proven trouble-free coating application and a smooth film.

AkzoNobel offers trusted partnerships built on a strong reputation of supplying quality coatings to the steel door market and is the only company to offer a warranty on commercial and residential entry doors. The entire portfolio of steel door products is backed by this warranty so customers can be assured of the quality and finish.

By Rural Builder Staff