InOvate, a manufacturer of premium residential construction venting products, has expanded its product line with the DryerWallVent Paintable Model.

Featuring a sleek, clean-lined design, DryerWallVent Paintable Model allows professionals to provide homeowners with DryerWallVent color choices that go beyond the standard White, Tan, Brown and Black offering, adding versatility and the ability to blend with virtually any color palette.

DryerWallVent Paintable Model (DWV4P) features PPG’s Enviracryl® and Envirocron® advanced powder coatings, producing a uniform, weather-resistant finish. In addition, DryerWallVent offers rugged durability through its deep drawn Galvalume® heavy gauge steel construction.

Engineered for both vent replacement and new construction, DryerWallVent Paintable Model meets or exceeds all code requirements for safe dryer venting. The vent mates easily to any 4” ductwork for quick installation. Features such as a gravity-assist damper, integrated magnets and a drip edge provide extra protection from the elements and pests while a large, clean opening and lightweight angled damper promote exceptional airflow efficiency.