His name is Mose, and he’s an Amish builder from north central Minnesota. He wants to build sheds for a living, but not run his own company. He just wants to build.

In a world full of people who don’t want to build anything, you’d think that Mose would have offers from which to choose. But that’s not how the shed business works, so Mose called me, and I thought I could help.

So far I’ve been proven wrong. I figured there’s a job for Mose somewhere with some company that can use a person to assemble sheds, either at or near his location, or he could travel on-site to the buyers, if these sheds necessitate on-site assembly. 

Yes, I understand that sheds get more expensive if you build them on-site. Typically the buyer wants them as affordable as possible, and prefab sheds that are built en masse, then trucked and dropped where they’ll be used are more affordable for the end user. But isn’t there anybody who can use a handyman builder in north central Minnesota?

So I started calling shed builders in the area, and they don’t have opportunities for Mose. He can’t start his own business or become a dealer without things like internet or website management tools. He just wants to build. And for the record, he loves Steel Dynamics’ new TruSteel HD product and would love to use that in his projects. 

If you thought there was a punchline or a curveball coming, there isn’t. There’s only an invitation to email me at [email protected] if you have an opportunity for a young man who (surprise!) wants to work even though it’s the year 2023. 

— Rocky Landsverk