You will find we’ve packed a lot of information in this Summer edition of Garage, Shed & Carport Builder. There wasn’t enough room for the concrete finishing article we had planned, so that article will appear in the Fall edition, which hits the mail stream in September.

Instead, we felt it was more important to let you know that most of the manufacturers who are serving the construction trade are, indeed, up and running. Most of you have been classified as necessary businesses, and as such are exempt from government-mandated shutdowns. Most of your suppliers, too, are classified as necessary; most continue to produce and are ready to ship and provide you with the materials you need to continue running your business. The Partner Updates begin on page 9; Product Profiles: Products Ready To Ship begin on page 34.

One of the features in this issue is “she-sheds.” A recent trend, she-sheds (or lady lounges) have become popular only in the last few years; if you’re unfamiliar, a she-shed is a garden shed that’s all about the lady of the house. It’s a backyard oasis in which she doesn’t have to worry about picking up after (or finding anything for) the family; a place where she can “get away from it all” without having to actually go anywhere. 

What makes a she-shed depends solely on the client’s vision; it could be a simple reading nook or yoga hut; or it could be a fully-equipped home office or even a bar. What’s most important is listening to and understanding the client’s vision. In the article that begins on page 12, you’ll learn the lengths that third-generation shed maker Stoltzfus Structures goes to build the structures of their clients’ dreams. 

Also, on page 45, we’re excited to present a new column: Finishing Points. In this edition, we present the first of a two-part series from PPG that takes a closer look at the spray-finishing process. You may pick up a pointer or two that will save you time and/or material.

Until next time … Keep well.

Karen Knapstein, Editor