Rocky Landsverk

Cautious optimism was in the air during the 55th Annual National Frame Building Association Conference & Expo held February 22-24 in Louisville, Kentucky.

More than 140 exhibitors set up at the Kentucky International Convention Center to show off new products and meet both existing and potential customers. The most common question? “Will there be a dropoff this year?” The most common answer was “yes, eventually there will be a slowdown, but if it’s happening this year, there’s no evidence to that effect.” The near future of the financial markets, both broadly and specifically in post-frame, was the single biggest topic of discussion at the Shield Wall Media booth and at social events.

“Cautious optimism continues to be the theme in our market,” said Mike O’Hara, National Sales Manager for Levi’s Building Components. “Rollformers and contractors continue to be busy and are anticipating a good first half of the year.”

What the post-frame and metal building markets seem to be exhibiting is that they are increasingly a solution for a lot of builders and homeowners. “Metal roofing continues to gain in popularity for residential use,” O’Hara said, while post-frame companies also said their practicality offers hope even if the building boom declines.

Headlining the new products on display was a new precast concrete skirt board product from Perma-Column®, while SDI (Steel Dynamics, Inc.) has a new ability to print on metal that will likely be game-changing as well.

The biggest industry news came from the NFBA itself, which announced it has created an online course in conjunction with the University of Missouri Extension entitled “Basic Principles for Post-Frame Construction – Basic Self-Study Guide.” It is intended for contractors and builders to educate employees and hopefully create an opportunity to recruit younger people by demonstrating a clear path to a good job.

Here’s a rundown of the biggest newsmakers at the show.

FBE Show News


Perma-Column® introduced precast concrete skirt boards which it says “elevates the post-frame industry again.” A patented product, precast skirt boards have a hybrid concrete-wood design that eliminates all wood contact with the ground. “There’s nothing like it in North America,” said Mark Stover, CEO and President of Perma-Column. “This is the new way to build.”

The company also announced a new Pro Builder program. Pro Builders receive sales and marketing support from Perma-Column®, branded gear, and exposure on Perma-Column®’s social channels and website, in exchange for supporting the program. “Perma-Column® Pro Builders have fantastic stories to tell and knowledge to share with fellow post-frame builders,” Stover said. “They have made a commitment to building on permanent foundations that benefit customers. Their inspirational stories serve as valuable learning experiences for the industry overall. We’re looking for more builders like them to recognize and honor.”

Learn more about that program at Stover said Thursday of the show was one of the company’s best ever, adding that “builders are very optimistic about 2023.” He said there were four Perma-Column® distributors exhibiting.

Tony Del Ghingaro explains Dripstop®.

Steel Dynamics Digitally Printing on Metal

Steel Dynamics (SDI) has started taking orders for its new product that is unlike any previous attempt to print images on metal. The company is using the latest technology including “electron beam coatings and curing.” Don Switzer, company Sales Manager of Special Products, said it’s been a few years in the making and available a few months. “We have been painting steel for 20 years and our customers have been after us to do prints,” he said. “We were waiting for the technology to catch up. About three years ago, we started investing in the process. We have spent a significant amount of money and time developing the process.”  

It paid off with a product that’s been available a few months. It’s called TruυSteel HD and it prints a reproduction of an actual picture or image, which doesn’t repeat for up to 32 feet. The high-definition image is 400 dpi and “it’s very lifelike. We’ve been fortunate at this show to have customers lined up. The reason is we start with real wood and our creative team does their magic.” 

A typical use case: “We are working with a company that makes log cabins and we’ll be able to do the chink line, as an example.”

NFBA Online Course

The NFBA announced that it has created a Post-Frame Builder Training Curriculum which includes an online course to teach people the basics of post-frame construction. The online study course is described as “a great way to teach the students if you do not have the time or resources to teach the course.” The online study course is conducted by the University of Missouri. 

The curriculum is primarily a tool to help younger or new employees to more quickly learn about their jobs. It is also intended a good tool for sales and support staff to learn about their company’s own products, which is often a shortcoming. 

To learn more about the curriculum or to inquire about pricing, contact the NFBA at GSCB

New Products

(LEFT) Big machines are always present at shows like this one, including these gorgeous Variobend folding machine that got put to use all week at the Hershey’s Metal Meister Booth. (RIGHT) The MRS (Metal Rollforming Systems) team posed for a group shot.

Hixwood announced it would soon be producing a “commercial rib panel” that Sales Manager Bob Kortbein said is sometimes called an R-Panel or a PBR Panel. “It will primarily be used for commercial buildings with a steel frame,” he said. It will be available in 24 and 26 gauge and have a profile of 12 inches.

HB Fuller unveiled a deck post anchor system that is far less cumbersome than cement and is permanent. From a press release, ”Simply mix the two-component kit, pour the contents into the hole, and let it sit for 15 minutes. Each two-pound bag easily sets a 4” x 4” post in an 8” deep hole. This means that you can set posts with smaller holes and get more from each bag.”

Post Protector, which offers slide-on “Barrier” protection for in-ground posts as its primary product, has now licensed a remedial chemical treatment designed to “re-treat” in-service posts. For 25 years, this technology has been used exclusively in the industrial sector, extending the service life of utility poles by restoring preservative levels as their original preservative treatment depletes.

Post Protector is now offering this same technology to the retail sector as “Post Proservative.” It dissolves and is dispersed into the post to create up to 10 more years of protection. Simply drill a hole and insert the preservative stick. Sticks are typically “re-loaded” every 6-8 years.

S-5! Introduced CanDuit Pipe Clamps (pictured) after feedback from customers asking for a better way to handle conduit and pipes. “CanDuit is the perfect solution to restrain, secure, and support piping, conduit, condensate lines, and other round shapes – all while protecting your metal roof.” The new product fits all S-5! Clamps and brackets.