Plasti-Sleeve Post Protection

First on the market by many years, Plasti-Sleeve literally created the foundation alternative category for post-frame construction. The clean fitting, easy-to-use, slide-on Post Protection sleeves provide the economical protection that many post-frame customers now expect. Quality black polyethylene plastic, more than 20 specialized sizes, and great pricing make Plasti-Sleeve a smart choice for post protection. Market leadership has continued with Short-Sleeve, for economical grade-level post protection, and Plasti-Skirt, an easy-to-use plastic skirt board protector.

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Dr!pStop is the absolute BEST WAY to handle condensation in uninsulated metal buildings; it fights condensation without insulation. Specially designed air pockets store condensation and hold it overnight, then it evaporates back into the air as humidity. Since Dr!pStop arrives on the jobsite already installed, it is not only safer, but it saves the time and labor costs of installing insulation. It also protects the steel by adding another layer of protection from the corrosive elements found in livestock confinement.

Building Materials Drip Stop Products Profiles April 22

MWI Components

Infinity Shield™ is offered in standard rolls of 4’x125’ Single Bubble Foil/Foil, Double Bubble Foil/Foil, Single Bubble White/Foil and Double Bubble White/Foil. We also manufacture a no seam 6’x125’ and 8’x125’ roll version of all the available SKUs. Infinity Shield™ is cost efficient and hassle-free. Additionally, the standard crushed edge tab (2”) will result in simplified overlapping. Our ultra-white bubble has a more opaque finish — a result of additives throughout all layers of the bubble.
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GreenPost by PlanetSaver

GreenPost from PlanetSaver Industries is an affordable, all-in-one solution for in-ground post decay, treatment retention and uplift restraint. GreenPost double-layer wrap is factory heat-sealed to the lumber, and delivered ready to install with uplift restraint notches. When used with cement, this technique provides maximum anchorage characteristics, resisting post withdrawal generated by wind load. It is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and termite tested. 

GreenPost applicators: Richland Laminated Columns LLC, Ohio, (419.895.0036) and Structural Glulam LLC, Pennsylvania, (717.355.9813). 

LP® Outdoor Building Solutions®

With LP® Outdoor Building Solutions® products, an outdoor structure becomes more than a backyard necessity. As engineered wood products, they feature innovations that help offer more value to customers. For example, LP® ProStruct® Roof Sheathing with SilverTech® helps reduce the sun’s radiant energy through the roof panels, and LP® ProStruct® Flooring with SmartFinish® offers a premium, finished overlay. LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding adds durability to your shed and is backed by the LP® SmartGuard® Process.

Qora Cladding

Qora Cut LedgeStone TightStack answers the demand for a stacked stone aesthetic, which adds old-world quality to a modern, textured surface for exterior accents, including knee wall and wainscoting applications. The panelized system is available in 48” wide x 18” tall and 48” wide x 36” tall panels to maximize available square footage and increase installation speed. Qora Cut LedgeStone TightStack is available in three color patterns to complement any garage, shed, or carport exterior.

Direct Metals Inc.

The HYPERVENT Vented foam strip is designed for use in ridge cap applications where ventilation is important. Treated with heat and UV-resistant coating, the universal nature of the product allows quick installation to the ridge cap or direct to the metal roof panel. The full width adhesive helps to provide a secure installation even in cold weather climates.

Plyco Corp.

Ply-Foil is a multi-layer, reflective insulation for use in specialty and standard construction projects. Two outer layers reflect 97% of radiant heat. Each layer of foil is bonded to a layer of polyethylene for strength. Inner layers resist conductive heat flow while a center layer of polyethylene gives Ply-Foil additional strength. Perfect for new construction or retrofit.

rFOIL Insulation Products (Covertech)

rFOIL Reflective Insulation is a single or double layer of heavy-duty polyethylene bubble, bonded to two metalized foil sheets. A white interior facing is an option. rFOIL is designed to control heat gain/loss, and prevent interior condensation in all types of post frame, metal building and metal roofing applications. rFOIL provides the best defense against the radiant heat gain/loss that occurs commonly in these systems. The key is the aluminized surface(s), which block 96% of radiant heat transfer.

Rigidply Rafters

Glue-laminated arches, beams, posts, and timber trusses manufactured by Rigidply Rafters give beauty a completely new meaning. Rigidply also manufactures metal-plated roof and floor trusses, tongue-and-groove and V-groove decking, and offers a complete line of post-frame building materials to complete your project.

Shed Windows and More, Inc.

Shed Windows and More features pediments, brackets and columns both as decorative features, architectural and construction elements for home construction. DIY builders and small construction companies have been relying on Shed Windows and More for over a decade as their go-to source for quality building materials at incredible prices. Our building materials are of the highest quality, backed with 5-star customer service, excellent Google reviews, and quick shipping.   

ST Fastening Systems

ST Fastening Systems supplies its MultiVent, MultiVent10, and MultiVent20 closures for those applications requiring airflow on metal roofs. Open cell foam MultiVent, 3’ in length, woven polyester MultiVent10, 10’ in length, and MultiVent20, 20’ in length, allow as much as 98” free airflow through the material. However, it prevents wind-driven rain from penetrating the material when compressed. The designs are universal for both, with adhesive applied for easy field installation. MultiVent can be used on angled roof applications and MultiVent10 and MultiVent20 for ridge cap applications.

MFM Building Products

WindowWrap PowerBond®, a 25 mil flashing tape, is designed for cold weather applications. The patented PowerBond™ adhesive system aggressively adheres in temperatures as low as 25°F and self-seals around fasteners for a complete waterproof bond. The product prevents the infiltration of water, air, moisture, and noise around window and door openings. Comes with a 180 UV exposure rating and 15-year warranty.

Perma-Column LLC

Perma-Column® and Sturdi-Wall®: Treat yourself and your projects better. Treated lumber prices are skyrocketing while availability has hit rock bottom. Perma-Column® precast concrete columns and Sturdi-Wall® anchor brackets are the post-framing solutions of choice. Get your projects back on track. Readily available nationwide. Build better. Build stronger. Build to last.

FootingPad by AG-CO

FootingPad brand isolated post footings has introduced a 20” diameter footing. With over 300,000 sold, FootingPad has reduced the labor cost in thousands of buildings. These composite footings are lightweight and easy to use, saving labor and equipment wear and tear. The new 20” FootingPad has a load capacity of over 6,500 pounds and joins a line of four other sizes, with the largest, 24”, carrying loads over 9,300 pounds!

Best Products

Provide a complete line of foundation needs for Post Frame Buildings. Precast concrete center guides and columns (Perma-Column), concrete anchoring systems and associated hardware for both dry set or wet set brackets (Sturdi-Wall), laminated wood columns and foundation pads (concrete or composite).                                    

Advanced Architectural  Sheet Metal and Supply

ADVANCED Architectural continues to manufacture in-house and provides consistent, excellent customer service with their quality gutters, downspouts, elbows, and gutter accessories as well as brake metal to roofers and contractors nationally. Their team concept with dedication, quality control, and commitment goes above and beyond with every customer. ADVANCED has been serving the industry for over 25 years.


Sharkskin—The Ultimate Roof Underlayment. The Sharkskin line of products is designed to ensure that quality roof installations are not compromised by inferior underlayment products. The state of the art in underlayment is found in Sharkskin, which is the only patented roof underlayment on the market. Sharkskin is 100 percent polypropylene, which gives it the following advantages over competitive products and asphalt felts. Sharkskin Ultra and Sharkskin UltraSA are Poly Foam Approved. Sharkskin Ultra Radiant was developed to exceed California Energy Code Title 24 Standards.

By Rural Builder Staff