Hitz Halter below-grade insulation is designed with builders in mind. It comes fan folded in 4’ x 24’ sections, which makes it easy for one person to install. 

Hitz Halter insulation was developed through intensive research and real-life testing at the company’s base in central Illinois. It is manufactured from the highest quality virgin materials available and it doesn’t waterlog. Since it doesn’t compress under concrete, it maintains its R-value. 

The insulation is coated with 3 mil poly film on both sides and is treated with termiticide to deter termites and ants. It’s mold resistant and suitable for all below-grade insulation installations, including basement and wall insulation and radiant heating applications (PEX tubing is fastened directly to the insulation panel with plastic staples).

Quantities are shipped shrink-wrapped on 4’ x 4’ x 8’ skids with runners, which are forklift- and storage-friendly.