Dear Readers,

It’s déjà vu all over again.

We are going into the fall trade show season and are surrounded by uncertainty.  Will there be mask mandates?  Will there be vaccine mandates?  Will there be exhibitors?  Will there be attendees?  

A month before the first ever Garage, Shed & Carport Builder’s Show we have almost the same scenario we had before the Construction Rollforming Show that was originally scheduled last December, and was postponed.

First, I would like to clarify our policy in case anyone has doubts. We will not have a show in any location or at any time in a venue where there is a mask or vaccine mandate. I personally have been vaccinated but believe it should be an individual choice. If a venue or airline or establishment requires masks, we will comply.  It’s their house, so we follow their rules. We will not attempt to force masks or vaccines on anyone at any time. We will change the dates or venue instead.

With that said, I encourage you to register early for the show. Even if you get a free pass from a supplier, it’s important to register with your contact information so we can keep you apprised of updates (i.e. changes in venue, dates, and the like). Your privacy is important to us! We will not share or sell your contact information. You can be certain of it.

Second, if you exhibit or register to attend one of our events and it is cancelled or delayed, we will not keep your money.  We did not earn it and taking payment without providing the product or service is dishonest and theft. We believe this so strongly that we’re willing to put it in writing.

Hopefully we can move forward with the show and have a good time. 

If we are unable to provide you with a product or service, I can promise you will not lose anything by supporting us.

I hope to see you in South Bend in November.

Gary Reichert, Publisher/Producer

Garage, Shed & Carport Builder Show