The grain bin gazebo is an emerging market and is a great way for clients to add a touch of country to a backyard. The gazebos offer a plethora of uses: backyard retreat, BBQ shack, Info booth, wedding venue, event centers, and more. They can be left entirely open around the bottom or have a ring installed around the bottom. An entire side can also be closed off if additional protection from the wind is needed. The Golden Grain kits are specifically designed to be used as gazebos. (Retrofitting a standard grain as a gazebo isn’t recommended, as grain bins are designed to get their strength from using all the panels). They feature a bin panel with a trapezoidal design to provide superior strength to withstand higher winds.


Sizes: 9′ to 45′ dia.

Structure: Steel with fabricated steel posts positioned approximately every 9′ around the perimeter

Foundation: Concrete pad with 5/8″ wedge anchors to anchor the posts