We built this new-to-us cottage design for our customers to enjoy modern aesthetics without compromising space and quality. “The Farmhouse” will allow our customers to use their shed in an HOA to match the popular farmhouse home build. We want to produce portable outdoor solutions that customers not only use but also enjoy.


Roof Trusses: 2″x4″, 16″ on center 

Floor Joists: 2″x4″, 16″ on center with 3/4″ tongue-and-groove flooring

Walls: 2″x4″,16″ on center with 7/16 LP board & batten siding with SilverTech barrier 

Options: Two 2’x3′ shed windows, two transoms windows, 72″ double door, 1′ eave overhang with
ornamental brace

Roof Pitch: 9/12

Metal: Laurel County Metals

Doors: Backyard and Beyond

Fasteners: IndFas Supply,
ring shank 3″ framing nails

Roof Panels:
Mac Metal, 29ga Type 1 metal

Trusses: Backyard and Beyond

Ventilation: MIDCO, 8″x16″ vents

Windows: MIDCO, 2’x3′ shed windows