Some of Our Favorite Garages, Sheds, and Carports of the Past Year



Size: 21’8″x24′

Metal: True Metal Supply, Signature Burnished Slate Tuff-Rib 

Coatings: WeatherXL Sherwin Williams Coil Coatings

Steel Gable &
Bar-Joist Trusses:

Buffalo River Truss

Posts: Old South Wood Preserving, 8’x8′ treated post columns 

Atlas Bolt & Screw:
WoodUltimate Fasteners
Triangle Fastener:
Sturdi-Wall Drill-Set Anchors 

This homeowner came to True Metal Supply for a new carport, and they connected the homeowner to Devil Dog Roofing for installation. The simple carport is 21’8″x24′ and uses drill-set anchors, as well as a Tuff-Rib metal roof. With strong steel trusses, this hybrid post-frame carport will stand the test of time.



Roof Metal: ProTech Steel

Trusses: The Shed Center

Siding: LP SmartSide,
with LP SmartSide trim

Windows: Coeur D Alene Window

Aluminum Sign:   

The Shed Center builds all the standard shed styles and specializes in custom builds as much as possible. A few years ago, manager Joe Gish decided to build a few small caboose sheds. Although many customers liked the looks, only a few sold. In essence, they were a successful failure, so last year, he drew up plans for a more actual size caboose to finish out as an office and transport it around to home shows, fairs, and events as an attraction. They call it “Cubby” and it is 10’x30′. The bar/desk was made to simulate a locomotive. The interior walls are cedar slats (368) attached to painted plywood. In the corner of the living room is a Vermont Castings “Aspen” wood stove and Tenedos “California Gold” wall stone. It’s fun to see the kids drag their parents into the caboose when the parents would probably have never given a shed display a second look.



Sizes: 8’x12′ and 8’x20′

Siding options: Dutch cove, board and batten, cedar shakes

Stain: Semi-transparent or solid color with customer’s choice of trim color

Plastic: Nanolux

Hinges/Hardware: Apple Outdoor Supply, purchased from a local business 

Shakes: Sourced locally from an old farmer’s shingle shop in Brasher Falls, New York. 

Lumber: The owner has a cable skidder and Wood-Mizer sawmill, so he sources all lumber himself from a local woodlot.

Our Gothic arch greenhouses were originally built as a low-overhead item to allow us to keep building through the winter. Frames could be made without plastic and stored outside. After a conversation with a shed retailer in Vermont, we changed some things, and it really improved the look of the buildings. This combination of aesthetics and function helped us to quickly gain traction, selling more and more every year. I currently work with wholesalers along the East Cost and am always looking to expand sales.



Sizes: 9′ to 45′ dia.

Structure: Steel with fabricated steel posts positioned approximately every 9′ around the perimeter

Foundation: Concrete pad with 5/8″ wedge anchors to anchor the posts

The grain bin gazebo is an emerging market and is a great way for clients to add a touch of country to a backyard. The gazebos offer a plethora of uses: backyard retreat, BBQ shack, Info booth, wedding venue, event centers, and more. They can be left entirely open around the bottom or have a ring installed around the bottom. An entire side can also be closed off if additional protection from the wind is needed. The Golden Grain kits are specifically designed to be used as gazebos. (Retrofitting a standard grain as a gazebo isn’t recommended, as grain bins are designed to get their strength from using all the panels). They feature a bin panel with a trapezoidal design to provide superior strength to withstand higher winds



Builder: H&D Quality Builders, Inc. (

Size: 15’6″x32’x10′

Roof Pitch: 6

Door: Plyco, series 92

Fasteners: Atlas, 1-1/2″

Foundation: Perma-Columns, 5″x6″

Posts: Borkholder Buildings, 5″x6″

Roof Panels: McElroy Metals and Sunsky, Max Rib II

Trusses: Borkholder Buildings

Wall Panels:
McElroy Metals and Sunsky

Windows: Silverline

This garden shed was built for the homeowner for her to have a place to keep her plants for the winter and still get lots of sunlight. Illinois’ long, cold winters make this shed a great solution for her location.



Roof Trusses: 2″x4″, 16″ on center 

Floor Joists: 2″x4″, 16″ on center with 3/4″ tongue-and-groove flooring

Walls: 2″x4″,16″ on center with 7/16 LP board & batten siding with SilverTech barrier 

Options: Two 2’x3′ shed windows, two transoms windows, 72″ double door, 1′ eave overhang with
ornamental brace

Roof Pitch: 9/12

Metal: Laurel County Metals

Doors: Backyard and Beyond

Fasteners: IndFas Supply,
ring shank 3″ framing nails

Roof Panels:
Mac Metal, 29ga Type 1 metal

Trusses: Backyard and Beyond

Ventilation: MIDCO, 8″x16″ vents

Windows: MIDCO, 2’x3′ shed windows

We built this new-to-us cottage design for our customers to enjoy modern aesthetics without compromising space and quality. “The Farmhouse” will allow our customers to use their shed in an HOA to match the popular farmhouse home build. We want to produce portable outdoor solutions that customers not only use but also enjoy.



Roof Trusses: 2″x4″, 16″ on center 

Floor Joists: 2″x4″, 16″ on center with 3/4″ tongue-and-groove flooring

Walls: 2″x4″,16″ on center with 7/16 LP board & batten siding with SilverTech barrier 

Options: Two 2’x3′ shed windows, two transoms windows, 72″ double door, 1′ eave overhang with
ornamental brace

Roof Pitch: 9/12

Metal: Laurel County Metals

Doors: Backyard and Beyond

Fasteners: IndFas Supply,
ring shank 3″ framing nails

Roof Panels:
Mac Metal, 29ga Type 1 metal

Trusses: Backyard and Beyond

Ventilation: MIDCO, 8″x16″ vents

Windows: MIDCO, 2’x3′ shed windows

This structure embodies the adaptability of post-frame building, catering to a myriad of needs within its sturdy confines. It promises a space where hobbies flourish, possessions find shelter, and relaxation reigns supreme. Whether tinkering with tools, embarking on adventures, or unwinding in solitude, this post-frame building serves as a well-built backdrop for a well-lived life.


Doors: Three RELIABILT steel primed
prehung single front door insulating core

Fasteners: Atlas
HSC1CC #10×1″ wood screws, charcoal
HSC15PW #10×1.5″ wood screws, pure white
HSC1GY #10×1″ wood screws, light gray
HSCDECK3 #8×3″ exterior deck screw
with square head
HSCPAN1 #10×1” pancake head wood screw

Foundation: 6″ concrete slab with 3′ widex3’ deep concrete-filled holes under each post. 

Post brackets: Best Buy Metals

Insulation: Infinity Shield,
Double Bubble Insulation Foil, white

Lights: Four 12″ UFO disk lights

Roof Panels: Best Buy Metals, Tuff-Rib, various lengths, 29ga

Ventilation: Open ridge vent

Wall Panels: Best Buy Metals,
Tuff-Rib, various lengths, 29ga

Windows: Two RELIABILT 150 Series new construction 35-1/2″x47-1/2″x3-1/4″ jamb white vinyl low-e argon single hung windows

Lumber & Trusses:
Best Buy Metal trusses

TRG30 30′ metal gable:
(4:12), 10′ or 12′ OC, 6″x6″ posts

TRL12 12′ metal lean-to truss:
(1:12), 10′ or 12′ OC, 6″x6″ posts

Justin and Val Westdyk built this shop in the winter of 2022-2023 with the help of some scaffolding on wheels and a jig they built on top to hold one side of the truss while they hoisted the other side. Val currently works out of the enclosed portion of the lean-to. The structure is 30’x60′, 14′ tall on the sides, and about 18′ in the middle, with a 12′ lean-to. It’s the perfect space for their many hobbies.



Metal: Best Buy Metals

Fasteners: Atlas, Long Life #10×1.5″ Wood Screws, Black

Roof Panels: Best Buy Metals,
Galvalume Finish Tuff-Rib

Trusses: Best Buy Metals, Custom lean-to trusses

Wall Panels: Best Buy Metals,
Black Finish Tuff-Rib

Additional Details:
Standard and custom crafted trim 18″ overhangs

Post Size: 6″x6″

This isn’t your typical kid’s treehouse! The numerous windows in this two-story post-frame luxury getaway in Murphy, North Carolina, feature a spectacular view of the surrounding forest and mountains. The structure blends into its surroundings, while the interior sports a glamorous design and all the amenities a treehouse resident could ever want, including a kitchen, bathroom with shower, master bedroom, den, spiral staircase, wood floors, and porch.



Size: 960 sq. ft.

Roof Pitch: 4:12

Metal: McElroy

Doors: Raynor, insulated overhead door, Aspen 138 9’x7′

AJ patio sliding door: 6’x6’8″

Window: 24″x32″ AJ Harmony vinyl framed double hung window 

Porch: 6’x32’x8′ with 12″ header 

Fasteners: SFS

Blunier Builders, 24’x32′

Insulation: Mansfield, Batt 

Posts: Blunier Builders, 2″x6″

Roof Panels: McElroy

Roof Panels: McElroy, 26ga

Special Interior Features:
Golf Simulator 

Trusses: CIT

AJ Manufacturing, 5’x7′ + 2’x2’8″

Roof Color: Matte Black

Siding Color: Regal White

This pool house shed in Washington, Illinois, features a porch, overhangs, insulated overhead door, patio sliding door, and indoor golf simulator.



Two 45 solar panel, 27.9 KW carports

Solar Installer: Advance Power Redding (

Roof Pitch: 10 degrees

Solar Panels: 90ea Mission 310W solar panels (

90ea Enphase IQ7plus microinverter

Solar Attachments:
S-5-SCD custom clamp (

Foundation: Anchor bolts with
rebar cage foundation

During the pandemic, anesthesiologist Dr. Diane B. Gill opened her home to traveling medical personnel who needed a place to stay while treating patients suffering from COVID-19 in Chico, California, and the surrounding communities. The residence features two 45-panel, 27.9 KW residential double carports on site to supplement the power required to run the 4,896 sq. ft. home and its amenities. Solar Carports Direct, based in Cottonwood, California, installed the carport system using S-5! clamps to secure the solar panels to the carport structures. S-5! provided Solar Carports Direct with a unique, innovative custom mounting solution, specifically designed, engineered, and tested for their carport systems.



Roof: Graber Post Buildings,
29ga G-Rib, Copper

Metal: Graber Post Buildings,
29ga G-Rib, Copper

Posts:Graber Post Buildings,
3-ply 2″x6″ Nail-Lam

Trusses: Graber Post Buildings,
24′ 4/12 Wood Truss

Walls: Graber Post Buildings,
26ga. Board and Batten, Clay

Windows: Pella 250 Series,
36″x48″ Vinyl Double Hung

Doors: Two 36” Plyco Fiberglass 9-Lite Door, Series 20
Therma-Tru Double Patio Inswing Door

Fasteners: ST Fastening Systems

Overhead Door, C.H.I 2283 9’x8′
Graber Post Buildings gutters
and downspouts with LeafGuard
Graber Post Buildings Copper Snowblock Retention

This 24’x24′ structure is neatly tucked away on a property that sits right next to the waters of Painted Hills Lake near Martinsville, Indiana. The building serves as a woodworking shop/remote office. Mr. Meyers visited Graber Post Buildings in Montgomery, Indiana, with a vision of creating a building with a smaller footprint that will still allow him to complete the hobbies he enjoys as well provide an office to get out of the home on remote work days. He was able to that and more with this 1,128 sq. ft. building. He was also able to add this custom deck out the front to take in the views of the beautiful lake.



Size: 30’x40’x16′

Roof Pitch: 6:12

Metal: RSP

Wainscot: RSP

Overhead Door Canopy:
Steel Structures America

Drive-Through Doors:
Hormann Modern Tech, 18’x4′ black satin steel, 14’x10′ black satin steel

Man Door: CODEL

Truss: Timberline Truss

Fasteners: CDA Builders Supplier, black bolts and hardware on timber truss

Cedar Wrap Posts:
Steel Structures America

Cupola with Weathervane:
MWI Components 

This is a standard gable in Valleyford, Washington, done in stylish charcoal gray. This residential pole building features primed steel overhead doors drive-through with 18’x14′ and 14’x10′ garage doors, two gables, two eaves, weathered copper roof, with copper penny roof corners, charcoal grey body with charcoal and weathered copper corners, 4’ wainscot, 4’ gable extension front and back, vented ridge, 10’x10′ loft with stairs, porch over man door, two cedar-wrap posts, Perma-Columns, overhead door canopy front and back, 4″x4″ timber truss front and back, black bolts and hardware on timber truss, 36″ cupola with copper weathervane, 5’x5′ porch cover, man door, and cedar wrap posts.



Size: 38’x72’x14′ with 10′-wide wraparound lean-to porch (18′ on gable, 50′ on eave)

Doors: 9-lite man door; 12’x12′ CHI overhead garage doors, model #5216 in mahogany; 9’9″x10′ sliding door

Posts: Richland Column 3-ply
laminated posts

Roofing: Premier Metal 29ga Legacy Panel, black

Walls: Premier Metal 29ga Weather X, charcoal

Trusses: 7/12 attic trusses manufactured by Dutchcraft Truss & Component

Insulation: Single bubble vapor barrier, interior wall and ceiling insulation

Windows: Alside 3’x4′ single-hung windows with grids, 3’x3′ and 6’x2’ fixed transom windows with grids

Other: 36″ MWI glass cupolas with weathervanes, 30″ grade guards, 3′ stone wainscot by Rock Solid Cut Stone & Supply on front and under lean-to, Premier Metal ceiling and wall interior liner panel, cedar-wrapped posts and ceiling liner under lean-to

This structure is a custom garage with workout area, as well as vehicle and boat storage. The attic space includes a game/recreation area, additional storage, and wrestling practice space.



Size: 24’x40’x17’Ꞌmain section with 12’x40′ enclosed lean-to and 12’x40′ lean-to porch

Roof Pitch: 4:12

Columns and Trusses:
Littfin Truss Manufacturing

Roof Panels: Metal Sales 29ga Classic Rib

Fasteners: SFS

Siding Panels:
 LP SmartSide 12″ Board & Batten

Doors: AJ 7100 Series Service Door, Midland 2″ ThermoGuard Steel Overlay overhead door, and MWI sliding door components 

Thermo-tech Classic Series

Cupolas: MWI 24” cupolas
with weathervane

The owners of this building had a small older barn that needed to be replaced in the location of this new one. A lot of design decisions were made with the idea of having a classic barn style so as to not lose the feeling of the old barn on the property. Going with the vertical board and batten siding, cupolas, custom overlay door, and including a sliding door in the design were all selected to mimic the previous building while providing a beautiful, updated version. The 5’x5′ window in the front gable of the building is a feature that allows ample light into the main section of the building.



Size: 26’x52’x20′ Workshop and 37’x60’x16′ Shop

Roof Pitch: 12/12 over the workshop and 6/12 over breezeway and shop

Metal: Forma Steel

Doors: OH – Equal doors, TX450 with black aluminum full-view poly panels – 14’x14′, 10’x10′, 8’x8′

Fasteners: Forma Steel

Perma-Column, 8400 Series

Insulation: Johns Mansville, R28

Posts: Hilliar Posts, 2″x8″Ꞌ4-ply

Roof Panels:
Forma Steel, FC 26 29 ga

Special Interior Features: Automatic roll doors on either side
of breezeway, 4’x9’Ꞌ

Trusses: Structural truss,
engineered wood

Wall Panels:
Forma Steel, FC 36 29ga

Windows: All Weather

Additional Details:
Fir gable details, 2″x8″
Fir corbels, 4″x4″
Shed dormer, fir beams, 8″x8″

This post-frame building comprises a two-bay garage linked by a breezeway, housing a lower-level art studio and hobby area, while the upper-level loft boasts offices and a gaming zone. Initially, the client approached Remuda with an old Quonset building that required demolition, expressing a desire for an upgraded space. Although uncertain about specifics, they knew they needed additional room for hobbies, contemplating either renovating their existing home or erecting new structures. Ultimately, the family collaborated with Remuda to construct three distinct buildings: a customized 4,900 sq. ft. garage and hobby workshop, a custom 1,440 sq. ft. barn, and a 252 sq. ft. shed.



Size: 10’x12’Ꞌ Econo

Roof Pitch: 6/12

Metal: Upstate Metal

Doors: Janus, 6’x7′ Roll up

Special Interior Features:
LP Prostruct floors
Aluminum diamond plate door

Trusses: Superior Sheds LLC

We set out to create an economical building option that had the same quality as our other portable buildings, and we did it. We use the same floor systems that are in all of our buildings but were able to find ways to cut some costs to build at a lower price while still maintaining our quality.