6 Reasons You Should Be Featured on BuildMyBarndo.com!

By Linda Schmid

What are these opportunities?” you ask. But, first things first: Have you heard of BuildMyBarndo.com? This is a new website started by Shield Wall Media, the publishers of Frame Building News. Unlike our other websites, Build My Barndo is not created and maintained for you, our industry professionals. This website is for the people who are considering building (you guessed it!)  barndominiums, which leads us to the reasons you should get involved with Build My Barndo.

Graber Post Barndominium. Photo courtesy of Graber Post buildings.

Why Should Builders Get Involved with Build My Barndo?

Builders, you can:

1. Get your company out in front of prospective clients. BuildMyBarndo.com is a great opportunity for builders of barndominiums to get their company and their fine work out in front of people who are considering building barndominiums! After all, the people who visit a website called Build My Barndo are either planning to build a barndominium or at least they are curious about it, which may lead to them building one. If you showcase your excellent work, you may be the builder they think of when they are ready to start their new home.

2. Build your reputation. You can provide information to Build My Barndo staff, they will write an article, quote you, and build your reputation with the audience that matters most: prospective clients.

3. Show yourself to be a Subject Matter Expert. Editorial opportunity abounds on this site, and an article with your name as author will help show that you are the expert. Build your reputation and you may find that you build your client list, too. 

Does writing an article sound intimidating? It doesn’t have to be; you have backup in the form of Build My Barndo editors. 

4. Get published easily. You can participate even if you don’t have a project complete with details and component information. Send photos of a job and you can be published … with credit of course!

5. Participate in a virtually unlimited fashion. You can send photos of 2, 3, 4, 5 … how many barndo projects do you have? These projects do not have to be recent, either. If you have barndo projects that are several years old, we’ll take them! You can submit them at: https://buildmybarndo.com/barndominium-photo-submission-form/

6. Enjoy Free PR! Where else can you get this kind of exposure at no charge?

At Shield Wall Media, we want Build My Barndo to become a catalyst for growth and teamwork in the industry. The more we educate people about barndominiums, the more we succeed. Let’s build the barndominium community and all grow together. GSCB

Contact me at [email protected] to discuss how you can participate in BuildMyBarndo.com.