Justin and Val Westdyk built this shop in the winter of 2022-2023 with the help of some scaffolding on wheels and a jig they built on top to hold one side of the truss while they hoisted the other side. Val currently works out of the enclosed portion of the lean-to. The structure is 30’x60′, 14′ tall on the sides, and about 18′ in the middle, with a 12′ lean-to. It’s the perfect space for their many hobbies.


Doors: Three RELIABILT steel primed
prehung single front door insulating core

Fasteners: Atlas
HSC1CC #10×1″ wood screws, charcoal
HSC15PW #10×1.5″ wood screws, pure white
HSC1GY #10×1″ wood screws, light gray
HSCDECK3 #8×3″ exterior deck screw
with square head
HSCPAN1 #10×1” pancake head wood screw

Foundation: 6″ concrete slab with 3′ widex3’ deep concrete-filled holes under each post. 

Post brackets: Best Buy Metals

Insulation: Infinity Shield,
Double Bubble Insulation Foil, white

Lights: Four 12″ UFO disk lights

Roof Panels: Best Buy Metals, Tuff-Rib, various lengths, 29ga

Ventilation: Open ridge vent

Wall Panels: Best Buy Metals,
Tuff-Rib, various lengths, 29ga

Windows: Two RELIABILT 150 Series new construction 35-1/2″x47-1/2″x3-1/4″ jamb white vinyl low-e argon single hung windows

Lumber & Trusses:
Best Buy Metal trusses

TRG30 30′ metal gable:
(4:12), 10′ or 12′ OC, 6″x6″ posts

TRL12 12′ metal lean-to truss:
(1:12), 10′ or 12′ OC, 6″x6″ posts