Counting Down to the GSCB Show

by Karen Knapstein

I’m on pins and needles! Gathering up the info to give you a preview of the first annual Garage, Shed & Carport Builder Show is really building my anticipation. Of course, there are so many unknowns … we’re only weeks away, and no one knows how the reaction to the pandemic will play out ahead of our Nov. 4-5 show. Gary addresses how we will deal with it above, so I’ll avoid any further commentary and stay the course with our planning efforts.

If you’ve attended any number of trade shows in the past, you’re no doubt aware that buying a pass for the educational sessions and presentations are usually a significant upgrade from the regular show-floor pass. That’s not the case with the Garage, Shed & Carport Builder Show. When you buy your show pass (or get your free show pass from an exhibitor), it includes all the educational sessions! Not only that, your show pass will also include a complimentary happy hour (with good eats!) and other fun stuff. (Register early so we can deliver upates directly to you.)

Focusing back on this edition, in addition to the show information, you’ll find a business profile of Reeds Ferry Sheds. I’m reluctant to admit it, but until they introduced themselves to me, I was unaware of them. I’m so glad they reached out; they really have a fascinating story and were generous enough to not only share their history, but also some of the keys to their success. You may be able to use some of these keys to your own company’s benefit.

Looking ahead to our next edition, it will feature post-show coverage and also our annual Buyers’ Guide. In it, you will find supplier and manufacturer profiles, as well as a whole slew of Product Profiles. In short, the December issue will feature the products you want and need for your shed building, as well as the manufacturers who can provide you with those supplies.

Big things are coming with tiny dwellings. You’ll also learn about the Warrior Village Project, which is an effort to train high school students in the skilled trades and, at the same time, help homeless veterans. The topic of ADUs/tiny homes is heating up. Converting backyard shed designs into ADUs is a natural progression, so you can look forward to seeing more coverage on this topic in the future. We’ll also get input from the Tiny Home Industry Association about standards and ordinances.  

Don’t miss the article beginning on page 28, which will give you some valuable pointers for getting the most out of attending trade shows. I hope to see all of you in South Bend in November!

Until next time — be well.

Karen Knapstein, Editor

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