A Great Summer Read

Publisher's Note

by Tom

I first started thrust into the interesting foray of the construction industry and trade publication business back in 2008. I’ve seen the changes in some areas over the years while none in others. 

One thing that hasn’t moved in one direction or the other is the spirit and conviction that suppliers, builders, contractors and manufacturers possess, and the confidence and knowledge they have in their products and services. They have a passion for this industry and are accessible. I’m proud to tell their stories, let our readers know what they have to offer and share with all why they do what they do so well.

The connections made with those from marketing to contractors to owners is a privilege and we’ll continue this important relationship.

This issue of Garage, Shed and Carport Builder magazine delves further into what makes you tick. Our June issue includes a must-know industry insider background on residential garage and commercial builds on doors you never thought were possible, build-offering trends to be looked into closer to stay at the top of your game and help glimpse into the minds of clients, carport longevity solutions, shed-delivery and equipment insight and tips covering all the “angles,” beginning of a portable building series, interesting structure case studies, combining smart technology with your garage door installs and much more. 

This season represents a culmination of all the preparation, technical planning, materials choices and communications between parties. The summer cadence of a shed, carport or garage being put up or updated fills the air.

You’ll find many of these great builds of all shapes and sizes within these pages along with the background that you can to apply to your next project. We’ll certainly be there for you to tell your stories and provide you an outlet for exactly how your clients can improve their lives or business and build to fit their exact or specified needs. 

There are many traditional, ADU (accessory dwelling unit) and special custom projects just waiting to be completed, and used. Please feel free to send in your work as a “Project of the Month.” You can find my information on page 4. We’ll be more than grateful to publish and showcase what you can do for your next client, specs, pics and all.

This is a season to get work done, be inspired, and absorb all you can from insiders like you to influence your next project, leading to your success.

— Anthony Brass, Editor

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